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Seeing our children grow is one of the most rewarding experiences we have as parents.  From the moment we are handed our children, the clock starts ticking.  You have pictures of their first breaths, their first smile, their first steps and all of your family vacations. Most of them reside on your computer!  Somehow you are now looking at a high school senior.  Capture this special moment and rite of passage with Calico Photo. 

I will work with you and your teen to craft the perfect shoot and will capture the essence of who they truly are and transform those photos into more than a simple bland senior photo.  Your senior's interests will be highlighted in a personalized shoot.  Whether your student is an academic, athlete, thespian or artist, I will work with you both to deliver a final product that can be displayed and cherished for a lifetime.  I will also consult with you to decide on what type of art you want and where and how you want to display it.   Trust me, you will love seeing her beautiful face every day she is away next year and cherish this fine art of your child for a lifetime. 


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