CaliCo Photo LLC is a boutique photography studio focused on a full-service photography experience for clients beginning with a consultation and ending with delivering fine art for you to display and adore for years to come.

I opened my doors excited to be behind a camera capturing my clients' lives, but quickly realized that the "turn and burn" model was giving neither myself or my clients the very best results. My clients were left with digital files of their beautiful families and neither the time nor the expertise to make these files into the art they really wanted. I was left knowing that  my clients either didn't have the quality of art I could deliver, as they used a discount vendor, or they had nothing to show of their photoshoot, save a social media post. My clients deserve more. I want them to have to joy of seeing their portraits everyday in their home. 

CaliCo Photo will now take care of the entire process from start to finish for you.  Let me take care of all of your photography needs because, after all,  you are hiring a professional; It's my job and you have more important things to do with your free time. Call or email me to make schedule a phone consultation, in person consultation and photo shoot. 

From the time I was a kid, I was always behind a camera. The capture of light has been my goal since it was merely a childhood crush. After years of being a novice, I decided to study photography. I received my minor in Art, concentrated in photography, from JMU in 1995. For years, I worked in related fields: graphic arts, digital printing and advertising.

​​After having my first child, I left the traditional workplace in favor of being a SAHM, room mom, team-mom, Girl Scout leader and all other things mom-related. ​​​Once all of my kids were in school full-time, I headed out to update my skills from film and the dark room to digital and the computer. I was fortunate to find some great mentors and fellow artist who taught and inspired me along the way.

Calico Photo LLC is the result of my childhood crush and lifelong love finally becoming my career. 

* Member of the Virginia Professional Photographers Association (VPPA)

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